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Hello, I'm
Albert J. Pérez

Full Stack Web Developer


  • Profile: Full Stack Web Developer
  • Name: Albert J. Pérez
  • Email: ajpg19@gmail.com
  • Phone: (+34) 652 508 088
  • Date of birth: 07 March 1991
  • Address: 63 Alcorisa Street. Madrid Spain. 28043
  • Nationality: Cuba

Professional Profile

Master in Digital Marketing and Computer Engineer, with experiences in collaborative environments. Full experiences in the web application development cycle.

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Just My Awesome Skills

Backend (Php with Laravel)

Expert, 5 years

DBA (Postgres & MySql)

Advanced, 5 years

Frontend (JS with jQuery)

Expert, 5 years

Webdesign (HTML5 & CSS3 with Sass)

Expert, 8 years


Other knowledge and experiences in technologies and tools that complement my skills in web development.

  • Webpack
  • Sass
  • Leaflet
  • PostGIS
  • SEO & SEM
  • Google Analythics
  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • UI / UX
  • Hosting admin
  • PhotoShop
  • Dynamic Excel

Language Skills

Native Spanish
English Advanced


6 Years Experience!

Full Stack Web Developer, specialist in some of the most demanded technologies in the web environment, with knowledge of digital marketing, providing an important added value to the competitive solutions proposed.


Full stack web developer

2018 - act.
Within the development team, responsible for implementing applications for smart monitoring, management, control and assets analysis. I was in charge of the design and implementation of the frontend, as well as the optimization of the UX.
Lynxelteam logo web developers

Senior Frontend Developer

2015 - act.
Within Lynxelteam, once again in charge of the design and layout of the front, in this occasion incorporating SEO into the process, always with the best UX. On this occasion, monitoring and analyzing the behavior of customers within the web with tools such as Google Analytics and Heat Maps.
University Cuba Developers
University of Informatics Sciences

Professor of Logics Mathematical

2015 - 2018
University professor of discrete mathematics. Responsible for explaining concepts of great importance for programming such as: the combinatorial, the theory of sets and graphs, relations of recurrence, among others.

Full stack web developer

2013 - 2018
Design, implementation and development of websites for companies, plastic artists and e-commerces, independently. Introduction to the use of CMS like Wordpress and E-Commerce Solutions as Prestashop.


Just My Education

Education based on the use of tools and technologies increasingly demanded in a constantly changing digital environment, complemented by digital marketing technologies that provide the proposed solutions with an important added value in an increasingly competitive ecosystem.

EUDE | Business School

Degree in Digital Marketing

2018 - 2019
Master degree in Digital Marketing from EUDE Business School, allowed me to know all the tools and techniques of Online Marketing in its different areas, such as SEO, SEM, Analytics and Web Usability, Social Media, Big Data, CRM, Mobile Marketing, E-Commerce and many others, from the hand of professors with extensive experience in leading companies in the sector.
University of Informatics Sciences

Computer Science Engineer

2010 - 2015
The Computer Science Engineering Degree is taught based on the training model proposed by the study - practice relationship, which is achieved by incorporating students into real research and development projects. Gifted to students with skills based on a scientific conception; able to respond to the objectives of trends and professional problems in the area of ​​Computer Science and Computing.


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Alberto J. Pérez
63 Alcorisa Street. Madrid Spain. 28043
(+34) 652 508 088

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Alberto J. Pérez